Special waxes, adhesives and lacquers

Waxes for lamination, Hotmelt, barrier lacquers, adhesives and Cold Seal

Special waxes, adhesives and lacquers
for special needs

Hotmelts and waxes for butter, margarine and fresh yeast packaging, adhesives with or without solvent, cold seal and water-based barrier lacquers are some of the specialties we offer to our customers as solutions for perfect packaging.

Waxes for paper / alu mating, paper / film
wrapping butter and margarine, chocolate wrapping, fresh yeast wrapping
Hotmelt waxes for coating
chewing gum wrapping, soap wrapping, fresh yeast wrapping
Cold sealer
ice cream wrapping, candy
Adhesives for solvent-based coupling
duplex, triplex, pasteurization, sterilization
Adhesives for coupling without solvent
duplex, triplex, pasteurization
High barrier water based paints
for tub covers