MONOFLEX M1, high-barrier (OTR <0,3) PE-based mono-material 100% recyclable packaging solution

Sustainable packaging in a circular economy

In response to the market’s aim of 100% recyclable packaging by 2030, Papers has launched MONOFLEX M1, a fully recyclable, PE-based mono-material, barrier packaging.

This product has been developed to replace multilayers materials, such as PET/PE and OPA/PE packaging constructions, maintaining the same safety, security and quality standards of already-existing solutions.

MONOFLEX M1 consists of a complex made by

  • Machine oriented PE layer
  • High barrier layer
  • Low sealable PE layer.


  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • High quality sealing and printing
  • Excellent oxygen and water barrier
  • Eliminating PET or OPA as top layer for lidding films
  • Recyclable in existing PE recycling streams 


  • Top lidding film for fresh and processed food
  • Flow pack
  • Map applications
  • Dry and liquid foodstuffs
  • Frozen food
  • Home and personal care liquids

MONOFLEX M1 is available in reel as material for printing and lamination and in already-made film or pouches.

In addition to M1, soon Papers is going to unveil an entire portfolio of different 100% recyclable mono-materials solutions.

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