For lamination, printing and extrusion

Special papers for flexible packaging
special papers and boards for flexible packaging, security paper, medical paper

Our papers and cardboards produced for printing, lamination or extrusion are customizable for grammage, size and quality. They can be greaseproof treated or wet strenght.
We offer a wide range of machine glazed papers (MG), machine finished papers (MF), calendered papers and one side coated papers (C1S). With our specialities, the customers can benefit of a full range of products to satisfy individual needs of food endearing packaging for supermarket shelfs. Moreover we commit ourselves to apply the last technologies on the paper production process to guarantee the respect of the highest qualitative standards

Tissue paper
from 18 to 25 gr
for coupling, extrusion and printing
Glossy Paper
from 20 to 50 gr
for coupling, extrusion, printing, rotogravure and flexography
Monopathinate paper
from 40 to 120 gr
for coupling, extrusion, printing, rotogravure, flexography and offset
Carta Calandrata (twisting and glassine)
from 30 to 80 gr
for coupling, printing, waxing (twisting) and siliconing (glassine)
Transparent Pelure Paper
from 18 to 60 gr
for coupling with wax and printing
Graseproof paper (resistant to fats and / or wet)
from 30 to 60 gr
for use in bags and with wax
Security card (with water mark, with fiber optics and watermark)
from 80 to 100 gr
Crimping Paper
from 60 to 80gr
for packaging tea bags
Paper for straws
from 60 to 120gr
for production of straws