Recyclability Certificate for Our Monoflex Structures

Our High-Barrier Mono-Material Solutions Receive INTERZERO Certification

We are thrilled to announce that our Monoflex structures, high-barrier mono-material solutions, have recently received the prestigious “Interzero Made for Recycling” certification. This recognition is an important confirmation of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.


The “Made for Recycling” certification is awarded by Interzero, an internationally leading organization specializing in the assessment and promotion of material recyclability. This certification attests that our mono-material products meet rigorous recyclability standards, thus helping to reduce environmental impact and promote a circular economy.


In fact, the certification evaluates various aspects of the materials, including ease of separation, material purity, and compatibility with existing recycling processes. To obtain this certification, our mono-material products have undergone rigorous testing to demonstrate their effective recyclability and ability to be reintegrated into production cycles without loss of quality.


Since our founding, PAPERS has placed sustainability at the core of our operations. We have invested in research and development to continually improve our production processes and materials, ensuring that our products not only meet but exceed expectations in terms of performance and sustainability.


For our customers, this certification represents a guarantee of quality and environmental responsibility. By purchasing our mono-material products, they not only receive high-quality items but also contribute to a more sustainable future. The ability to effectively recycle our products at the end of their lifecycle significantly reduces waste and promotes eco-friendly practices.


By choosing our structures for your packaging, you can benefit from the “Made for Recycling” quality seal and affix it to your packaging: an important added value for the end consumer!


Which structures have received this important recognition?

  • MONOFLEX M1: high-barrier EVOH solution (OTR <0.3 – WVTR <7.5) PE-based mono-material, consisting of two layers, available in transparent or white.
  • MONOFLEX M2: metallized high-barrier EVOH packaging (OTR <0.1 – WVTR <3) PP-based.
  • MONOFLEX M3: three-layer PE-based mono-material metallized structure with high-barrier EVOH (OTR <0.1 – WVTR <0.5).

With MONOFLEX M2 & M3, it is possible to provide packaging that ensures high protection against water, oxygen, and light, without the need for an aluminum layer.


Clearly, this certification is just the beginning! We will continue to work hard to further improve our products and processes, aiming to achieve new sustainability milestones. We firmly believe that collaboration with our customers, suppliers, and the global community is essential to addressing the environmental challenges of our time.


Stay tuned for further updates on our sustainable initiatives and new products that we will be launching in the near future.

Thank you for your continued support!


With sincere gratitude,

The Papers Team

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