Extruded and laminated materials

Wide range of combinations made of paper, PE, aluminum, BOPP and other materials

Extruded and laminated materials
The advantages of combining two or more materials in a single product.

The extruded and laminated packaging combines different materials, with precise specifications for conservation and preservation of the contents. The laminates can be customized for different types of materials, layers, weights, thicknesses, etc.

Polythene Paper
from 8 to 30 gr
Paper extruded with PLA with base paper: one side coated, machine glazed, brown kraft, calandered, greaseproof, glassine
Polythene Cupboard
from 180 to 230 gr
cupboard for hot and cold drinks, ice-cream cup, extruded with PLA from 15 to 20 gsm
paper + pe + alu + pe
Alu + paper
Alu + paper + pe
Alu + wax + paper
Duplex Barrier
paper + BOPP MET
Paper + PE MET
Paper + PE / EVOH / PE